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Image "A genius, if there ever was one" - Emil Cioran writing about Petre Ţuţea, in Anathemas and Admirations

This website is dedicated to the legendary philosopher Petre Ţuţea. We intend to offer an accurate overview of his life and work. With few exceptions, the various books and essays published under his name before this site appeared on the Internet (July 2006) lack the proper care due to such an outstanding personality. At the same time, critical reception has been rather inadequate, if not cold or even hostile, despite the extraordinary enthusiasm generated by the philosopher's public presence through TV interviews. The time has come for a thorough reevaluation, and this site is also meant to start a serious debate concerning his projects and accomplishments.

The Filozofia Nuantelor ("Philosophy of Nuances") website has been developed and edited by a group of independent enthusiasts who are interested in all aspects of Petre Ţuţea's philosophy. Proposals for collaboration are welcome, especially in the form of original articles. All submitted materials will be thoroughly analyzed before being considered for publication. Ţuţea's work contains important philosophical themes and his laconic, substantival and rigurous style pressupposes a thorough familiarity with culture and philosophy, an attentive disposition, and sensibility.

Romanian culture is once again changing dramatically. More than ever, young men and women with aspirations need moral and intellectual examples. Petre Ţuţea is one of those rare personalities for whom thinking, speaking and acting are one and the same. In this unity we can find all fundamental virtues: courage, patience, moderation, piety... Few philosophers were ever compared to Socrates, whose thinking is so spectacular through Plato's dialogues. Much like the great Athenian, Ţuţea was never interested in developing doctrines and systems. Whether it happens in meditation, dialogue or in writing, the purpose of philosophical activity is the purification of the soul through thinking.

Petre Tutea: Science As Doxology

by Alexandru Popescu-Prahovara Balliol College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Between Sacrifice and Suicide

by Alexandru Popescu

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